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Free Shipping Luxury Brand Crystal Stainless Steel Quartz Women Watch Ladies 925 sterling silver watch Fashion
Free Shipping Luxury Brand Crystal Stainless Steel Quartz Women Watch Ladies 925 sterling silver watch Fashion
Free Shipping Luxury Brand Crystal Stainless Steel Quartz Women Watch Ladies 925 sterling silver watch Fashion
price: US $290.00
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Item Type: Wristwatches
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Dial Window Material Type: Sapphire
Dial Material Type: Ceramic
Water Resistance Depth: 10 m
Movement: Quartz
Band With: 10mm to 19mm
Dial Diameter: 1.4 cm

Product Description

Shape of the dial:Round
Color:Black dial code, white dial code, black dial small yards, small white dial code
Category:Strap, case, dial, hands, wall charts, pocket watch movement, other
Applicable gender:Woman
Display Type:Pointer

We ensure that all are authentic Thai silver jewelry, silver S925 international standards, quality assurance, support inspection, please rest assured purchase.

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This watch weight of about 50g, about 17.8cm, table section of 6mm width 12mm (for reference only) Attachment: to adjust the time table is screwed, the adjustment time, turn the pointer clockwise, counterclockwise if Turn the disassembled, then clockwise into the can.

[Thai silver]

Thai Silver called "black money", is a mixture of silver jewelry in silver, sulfur melt and glassy state to form a coating. Ukrainian silver cover loose black, white and silver finish in stark contrast to create special visual effects. Because after a special anti-old deal, black silver jewelry is not only long-term does not change color, surface hardness is also greatly enhanced. Unique texture and color make this jewelry rough and rustic.

Thai silver, concept is925Silver, just call a special special process.Thai Silver fact taking the international route, is very popular in foreign countries, but also the texture925A. The reason is called "Thai silver", mainly because the Thai people from the clever masterpiece. Thai silver Tibetan silver inlaid with precious stones, silver Nepal differ Thai silver with black crystal stone, garnet, red corundum based, red, black is the main color Thai silver inlaid stones, beautiful flashed in the sun can shine . Thai silver to match suits, tuxedo will not reduce your identity. Thai silver styles, work is also good for the girls too delicate for the pursuit of the beautiful lady and the pursuit of generous men. Thai silver jewelry after burning blue process, in a rustic style, matte, old old, ancient atmosphere, by the fashion family favorite. Most of these ornaments follow the simple artistic thirteenth century, the use of special techniques to extract, in order to achieve a unique color and texture, carved inlaid people can not let go of the treasure.


925Silver is92.5%Silver plus7.5%Alloy, wherein the alloy is more easily molded to silver products. Because100%Silver to be very soft, very easy to scratch, inappropriate increasingly sophisticated technology requirements and modern fashion jewelry more and more rich and exaggerated selection requirements,100%Silver easy discoloration and loss of gloss, plus7.5%Silver jewelry alloy has good hardness, brightness and luster, and can mosaic of various gemstones.925Silver is currently internationally recognized best texture, the highest purity, the most suitable material to make silver jewelry standards, international regulations, all92.5%Sterling silver can be called.

SilverOfHeat conductionOn all the goldBelongIs the most prominent, can quickly looseHairBlood vesselsHotQuantity, can rapidly reduce bloodPulseOfHotThe amount,PrePrevention of various diseases have an excellentCureEffect. FalseSilver setOfHeat conductionSexFor100Gold is 53.2,Iron11.6, platinum is 8.2,ThisSeedFreshMingHeat conductionPerformance quickly lower bloodPulseOfHotThe amount,AdvancePrevention of various diseases have an excellentCureEffect.SilverToxicity absorption function,ThisIs itChangeOne reason for the color, so it has excellent disinfection performance,ThisSeedChangeAnti-color only the surfaceShouldWith toothpaste orMedicineCommodities eliminated. WherebySee,Silver forCan not ignore the importance of healthRegardA.

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